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                               EXPRESS ENTRY 2015

New Immigration Selection System.

Express entry is a simplified, fast and efficient Immigration selection system offering permanent residence to qualified skilled worker to Canada. It applies to the following economic class programs:-

1.        Federal Skilled Worker FSW

2.        Federal Skilled Trade   FST

3.        Canadian Experience Class CEC 

4.        Provincial Nominee Program PNP

Step 1, 

Create your online profile:

1. Occupation Including: Management, financial analysis, Engineering, information technology & Bachelor or Nursing, science, health occupation, all skilled trade can enter on Express Entry Pool.

2. Expression of Internet (EOI):-

                   a  Age

                   b  Education

                   c Language

                  d Work experience

                  e Other information….


3. Human Capital Contribution to Canada

4. {Comprehensive Ranking System} CRS

Without job offer & provincial nomination must also submit an employment profile with Canada job Bank.

Step 2,

Receive your Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence:

1. Express Entry Pool: highest ranked candidates from pool among those offered a job Canadian employed(accompany dependents-within 6 months)

2. Express Entry Pool-Employer

Selected from government & private organization. (Invitation to apply CIC.)

What will happen if you don’t receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence?

 {12 month valid - re-submit}

How can you increase your chances of success?

1. Strategically preparing the application to get your highest comprehensive banking score in the Express entry pool.

2. Effectively preparing & submitting your employment profile to the job bank.

3. Providing each candidate with unique self directed employment online and offline job search. Comprehensive ranking extensive data base comprising at least 350 potential employers in your field.

4. Providing your with 24/7 access to the global recruiters of Montreal's bank of employment.

5. Co- coordinating the submission of the completed application and essential documentation, advocating, monitoring &tracking your application throughout the entire process to completion.

   Language:  GT English, (TEF/TCF) French

   Foreign Credentials

  Comprehensive Ranking System

Ten Misconceptions

Anybody can enter the Express Entry pool:

* (Federal)  You need a job offer to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry.

* (not required job offer will be ranked according to the comprehensive ranking system{CRS} up to 12,00 point. 6,00 point (CIC) will issue invitation to apply for permanent residence. Express entry is the only way to immigrate to Canada as an economic immigrant.

*Quebec skilled Regular program.The eligible occupation list for the federal skilled worker program will continue under Express entry.

*no eligible occupation list as a January 1, 2015.Sitting passing a language test will not be required in order to enter the Express Entry pool.

*(GT/TEF) needs.When a candidate is issued an invitation to apply Canadian Permanent Residence he/she is likely to have enough time to begin gathering supporting documents & submit an application in time.

*within 60 daysCandidate will know for certain how many points they will need under the comprehensive ranking system to order to issue an invitation to apply.

*Next draw.Once an express entry profile has been created it cannot be changed regardless of whether a candidate improves his/her points.

*Updating Candidate can enter the express entry pool by giving false information and of subsequently issued invitation to apply, immigration to Canada.

*will penalties (5-6years) band Express entry will be a seam less, easy process.

* Documentation that meets the standards set by CIC.