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Express Entry CRS Requirement Falls to New Record Low


Another 3,611 candidates for immigration to Canada and their accompanying family members are well on their way to Canada following the latest Express Entrydraw, which took place on February 22. The number of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points required in order for candidates to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) was 441, marking a new record.

This point threshold means that a greater variety of candidates may now submit an application for Canadian permanent residence. The new record low means that it is possible for a candidate educated up to Bachelor’s Degree level only, who has no Canadian work or study experience, as well as no additional points for a provincial nomination or a job offer, to obtain an ITA, if he or she is only evaluated for one language.

The following scenario shows how this is possible.

Take Sean, a 29-year-old single candidate with advanced English ability. He is educated up to Bachelor’s Degree level, with no other post-secondary education credential. He has completed three years of skilled work abroad, and has never worked or studied in Canada. He doesn’t have a job offer or a provincial nomination, but his other factors mean that he is awarded 441 CRS points, enough for him to obtain an ITA in the latest draw.

Other hypothetical scenarios reveal other ways in which a variety of candidates receive an ITA.

Like Sean, Catherine is also 29 years old with advanced English ability, a Bachelor’s Degree, and three years of skilled work experience abroad. She has also never worked or studied in Canada. However, she has an accompanying spouse who has advanced English ability and is also educated at a Bachelor’s level. These factors give her 443 CRS points.

Carlos is a 40-year old single candidate with two post-secondary education credentials, one of which is a Bachelor’s Degree obtained in his home country. He has initial advanced language ability, and worked a skilled job abroad for five years before coming to Canada on a work permit, where he completed another year of work. He doesn’t have a provincial nomination or a job offer, but his 442 CRS points were enough for him to obtain an ITA.

Marine is 49 years old and has never worked or studied in Canada. She is single, has advanced English and initial advanced French ability, and has worked in a skilled position for more than six years. Prior to that, she obtained a Master’s Degree. After entering the Express Entry pool with 395 points, she networked using the contacts she had made before eventually landing a qualifying job offer in Canada in a non-senior management position. This factor gave her a 50-point boost, enough for her to be invited to apply with 445 CRS points.